causa mortis

Tom R. Chambers superimposes words that are synonymous with death onto photographs of him to create the project, “causa mortis”. The images are greatly out-of-focus to produce abstractions. From afar, they "can be made out", but upon close viewing and to be able to read the word, detail diminishes/vanishes. causa mortis | Flickr "Contemplation of death" is a phrase used when the thought of imminent death causes a person to transfer his or her property to another. The gift or transfer in such circumstance is called a "gift in contemplation of death" or a "gift causa mortis". As an artist, Chambers’ "gift causa mortis" is the creation of this project for public consumption. The photo abstractions border on "otherworldliness". As he enters his twilight years, he looks back at these images in a contemplative manner, and they are indicative of a life lived in memories ... vague recollections … that now move him to the realization t